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and the rest of the fe palette requests (fe6-10 and bonus chrom i guess)!!

most were fe but i did get little bits from other fandoms as well; after i finish up with some other stuff i will for sure get to those _(:3」∠)_

From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.


Akihiko confirmed for wearing clothes in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax…

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei: Margaret cover art

Daytime Shooting Star // cosplay (*‿*✿)



Hey! you’re getting sick?

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this ship will sail till the world’s end

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  • *july 4, 2013*
  • me: oh hey look! a swimming anime!


Super Mikoshibas with bonus Wausuke and Waruka cameo print

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Early designs of Mako Mankanshoku (満艦飾マコ) from Kill la Kill (キルラキル) in The Art of KLK Vol.1. All the illustrations above are by Sushio (すしお) except for the last one, which was illustrated by Yoh Yoshinari (吉成曜). 

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